rendering visible a non-human artEfact


Produced in collaboration with Andrew West, Alexandra Taylor and Ryan Ashcroft.


A 2 week experiment to excavate the scars or the outlines of that which will remain after humans are gone ‘when the planet will bear the scars of a species having created such impact on the planet that their existence will be discernible as a distinct geological strata.’ (Colebrook, 2014).


As a group we decided these scars would be made up of the outlines of built networks and systems under and above ground to form a ‘techno fossil’ and in actual fact it would be these systems and not the monuments that have been built as a legacy that will remain. Without humans to add meaning to them they are, in effect, meaningless, ‘the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the New York Public Library, Trafalgar Square – appear as dead objects, deprived of the memorialising beings who inscribed such objects as aids to recollection’ (Colebrook, 2014) Taking maps of sewer systems, underground tunnels, scientific structures and mines and following a process of excavation to reveal the weird from the human representations by subtracting this representation and tracing the outlines as the scar left in the Earth, instantly making them anonymous, ‘simply that which remains “after” the human.’ (Thacker, 2011).


Excavation 02/02/15 - Log 1.

Fig 1-2. Excavation Process

Fig 3-4. Outlines/scars in the Earth

EXCAVATION 02/02/15 - LOG 2.

Fig 1-3. Documenting findings

Excavation 02/02/15 - Log 3.

Fig 1-2. Erosion of the artefact

Fig 3. Molecular Process

Polaroid 1 - Artefact 1.0

Polaroid 2 - Artefact 1.1

Polaroid 3 - Artefact 1.2

Polaroid 4 - Artefact 1.3

Artefact Details

‘G’ = 731.52cm (24ft) by 731.52cm (24ft)

'C’ Radius, Circumference and Area = 87cm, 546.36cm, 23,766.66cm2

'P’ Length = 335.28cm (11ft)

'S1’ = 1ft 3”

'S2’ = 2ft 1”

'S3’ = 1ft 6”

'S4’ = 3ft 8”

'D1’ = 2ft 9”

'D2’ = 2ft

'D3’ = 2ft 10”

'D4’ = 4ft

'D5’ = 6ft 1”

'D6’ = 8ft 3”