A workshop run with Clive McCarthy as part of the 6th iWeek at University of Liepaja, Latvia 17-22 November 2014.

co_LAB|Beam was a 2 day workshop run by myself and Clive McCarthy, in which we collaborated with students to create an original augmented virtual map of the city of Liepaja. Using images sourced collaboratively we created a socially created environment which captures the city and its inhabitants, through image manipulation, new composited views unfold, we presented connections and reflections of Liepaja. The results were a series of animated gifs and composited images that we then projected back onto the walls of the city.


The workshop ran on Wednesday 19 – Thursday 20 November 2014 and included 10 students from Latvia, The Netherlands and the UK. Throughout the week other workshops were being delivered by lecturers and practitioners across Europe and culminated in an exhibition at the end of the week at MPLab. As a group we used guerrilla projection to display the work, using a battery powered projector we handed this to people to project on any surface they wanted. Big, small, on the ceiling and on other people.


The students included:

Daisy Thirlwall, Maria Blackstone, Lennart Boonstra, Femke Oevering, Casper Svalgaard, Rita Kamola, Davids Grzibovskis, Lasma Miska, Inga Saleniece and Ivo Cuhacevs.