Broken Dreams - The Desiring Machine


A 2 week experiment to produce a series of dream diagrams. The diagrams should seek to challenge the way in which dreams are conventionally regulated by the disciplinary traditions of psychoanalysis and the artistic techniques of surrealism. In contrast to these approaches, the aim is to diagram dreams which point beyond our familiar world. ‘A desiring machine uses guerrilla tactics to subvert symbolic interpretation by introducing ‘breaks and flows that prevent the dream from being reconfined in its scene and systemised within its representation’ via the empirical intervention of ‘an irreducible factor of non-sense, which will develop elsewhere and from without, in the conjunctions of the real as such.’’ (Powell 2007, P21-22)


The use of code as an art form based on the idea of rebellion through online means and ‘hacktivism’, this allows the viewer to control the work themselves in an active sense rather than being purely passive; work to be used and not seen.  

 Sleep as a revolutionary or rebellious tool against capitalism and the ‘global present’ inspired me to break up, smash, rip, distort, blur, explode the adverts as an act of rebellion against dreams being commodified. This lead me to Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of the body as a ‘desiring machine’, as an assemblage of machines producing desire, if this concept is applied to the theme of dreams as commodity and we as dreamers driven by desire you can begin to draw parallels. So I wanted to rebel against this and break the desiring machine by peeling away layers of commodity and brand and reveal the true dream as a place of personal connections and a form of safe haven. Where we can retrieve the true identity of dreams in the production of a level of transcendence, which doesn’t yet exist.