Assemblage Pulse Projection

Produced in collaboration with Andrew West, Alexandra Taylor, Ryan Ashcroft, Ben Atkinson and Peter O'Leary.


‘Interpellation is extensively used to involve the spectator in a dialogue with the film, which is simultaneously reflective and subjective, open and experimental.’ (Rascaroli 2008, P40)


A 4 week experiment to produce a collaborative media essay that was screened at Decimal Place (Burton Road, Lincoln) as part of their Uneasy Screens event on 3 December 2014. A break away from the standard essay film format to the creation of an experience drawn directly from each of our individual journeys, producing a self-reflexive conclusion; from the 24/7 always switched on world to the ethereal otherness of the vector.


We approached this by considering the essay film as a performance, not only in the sense of a physical performance but how the space of the venue could be used in a performative way through staging, audience participation and rhythm (or pulse), following processes from previous experiments to create an immersive experience for both maker and viewer. The use of a feedback loop from a live input of a camera through a projector back on itself I had explored in a previous project, was particularly useful and I was able to push this to become a piece of live art as part of the final performance as a bridging technique between 24/7 and the vector. As if we were inverting space and time to lead the audience through a tunnel connecting the two worlds.